Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: Fort Wright road to be repaired

FORT WRIGHT, Ky. -- The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will see that a Fort Wright road is fixed after many residents complained about the way it was paved.

A contractor repaved Amsterdam Road last month using a SAMI application, a mixture of gravel and asphalt.

Bob Yeager, chief engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, said officials determined repairs were necessary after an inspection.

“We've determined the work is unacceptable, and corrective work will be done,” Yeager said.

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Several residents, including Tom Terlau, were upset about the end result.

“It’s unacceptable. I compare it to going down a gravel road, in some rural farmland area, where you have to go 10 miles per hour to not tear up your vehicle,” Terlau said.

Terlau, who has been living in Fort Wright for over 30 years, said he didn’t like the way the road was paved.

"Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Because it has taken the image of the city down several notches. You wouldn't find this in Indian Hill,” Terlau said.

Yeager said corrections will come at the contractor’s expense, not taxpayer dollars.

"We'll have to accept or reject that. They can't just say we're going to spray it a different color and call that good,” Yeager said.

Officials still have six weeks to make corrections to Amsterdam Road before the contract is up, Yeager said.

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