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Community rallies around Northern Kentucky family in need of mobility van

Michael and Morgan Moss
Posted at 11:13 PM, Apr 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-05 17:43:19-04

ERLANGER, Ky. — While all couples promise to stick together in sickness and in health, one Northern Kentucky couple's vows are certainly coming to fruition.

Michael and Morgan Moss say it all started when they met in September 2019.

"Although we’re a couple of old fogies, we actually met online," Morgan said. "Our first date was at the Newport on the Levee. I think they turned the lights out on us.”

The two got engaged one year later. Neither of them could have ever known what the next two years would bring.

Morgan said she was seven years behind on getting checked when she went to a mobile mammography van outside of Ryle High School in February 2021.

“I said I’m here, I have no reason to not go," Morgan said.

Doctors found a cancerous lump. She underwent surgery in the following weeks.

“I’m going through this and planning a wedding at the same time," Morgan said. "I was determined this wasn’t going to stop anything. We were going full forward. We’d adapt and change, but our lives were still going to be wonderful, and amazing."

After surgery, Morgan had 20 chemotherapy treatments. She's now in remission.

The two married in September 2021. Five months into the marriage, on Super Bowl Sunday, Michael's life changed forever.

"I said I was going to step outside for a second, take a break," Michael said. "We’re going to win this game — that’s the last thing I remember."

He slipped on ice. Morgan said all she could do was pray and call 911.

“Everyone rushes outside, trying to navigate down the steps. He’s on his back," she added, "All he’s saying is, 'I can’t feel anything. Can’t feel anything. Can’t feel anything.'”

Michael was flown to UC Medical Center where he learned he fractured the C-4 and C-5 vertebrae. Doctors took him into surgery to shore up the spine. He was paralyzed from the chest down.

“When I was finally able to see him, he couldn’t move anything. It was just — another one of those moments… wow," Morgan said.

Michael spent 14 days in the hospital and one month in rehab. Now he's back home, but more obstacles would await the Moss family.

Morgan said insurance covered five physical therapy visits. Those have run out, so the couple must pay out-of-pocket. She said hospital bills are starting to come in, and the family is looking for a mobility van.

Friends of the Moss family set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover the cost of the van. It would be used to transport Michael to and from physical therapy and doctor visits. Thousands of dollars have already been raised.

“The amount of outpouring from people I know, and people I don’t know has been amazing," Morgan said. "Every day, I’m just surprised at how many people come and are willing to support us who don’t know us. Then to hear the stories of we were in the situation once too. This is how we got through it.”

Despite all of the expenses and all of life's curveballs, Michael continues to keep his faith.

“I have a saying, I like to say speak what you seek until you see it," Michael said. "After my evaluation with the therapist yesterday, I said, 'By Christmas, I will be standing.'"

Over the past few weeks, Michael has been able to regain movement in his hands and feet.

Both Morgan and Michael have a common goal: to dance once again.

“Dance down the hallways of UC to show the appreciation of how they took care of me," Michael said.

Both said they're using these life moments to provide testimony and give folks dealing with similar issues a bit of faith and hope.

“And more importantly, to encourage other people who may be in his situation," Morgan said. "Although you may be in this situation now — it’s not where you have to find yourself for forever.”

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