Brent Spence Bridge construction cuts some businesses off from customers

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 26, 2017

ERLANGER, Ky. -- Construction on the Brent Spence Bridge began Friday, creating headaches for both business owners and drivers.

Earl Cox has owned Peecox Bar and Grill, a business located a half-mile from I-71 and I-75, for 25 years. Two bridge exits near his business are blocked off in Erlanger, and he said Monday that the traffic choke had also choked his flow of customers. 

"It's slowed us down considerably," Cox said. "Today, I checked with the bartender and we've done a third of the (usual) business so far today."

According to Cox, his business could lose thousands of dollars due to the exit closures.

"They're taking care of through traffic north-south," Cox said. "To hell with the local people."

Dixie Highway is one of the detour options for drivers going to Donaldson and Commonwealth avenues.

Terra Sellers, a worker at Dixie Chili nearby, said the restaurant has actually been busier since bridge construction began.

Although the traffic and detours have not affected business for Swan Florist, the business is planning around them, according to owner Dave Schriever.

"Planning our routes better, going alternative routes," Schriever said. "Using a lot of Google maps."

Cox said that his business will get through the next few months of road construction.

"Not that I could change anything, but if they just left one, at least people could get off at the second exit, turn around and come back," Cox said.