Thieves steal Covington gates right off their hinges

Posted at 12:50 AM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 01:13:55-04

COVINGTON, Ky. -- Covington has been hit with an unusual string of thefts this month, police said Thursday night: Seven people have reported their wrought iron front gates stolen right off the hinges.

Thousands of specially styled gates adorn homes around the city. Police said Thursday the thefts have mainly occurred in the middle of the day, and one Covington resident said this is not the first time the city has seen a rash of such crimes.

"A couple years ago they stole all the ones off of this street in Hermes, and now it’s starting again," said Carla Kennett.

After someone stole her wrought iron entryway in 2014, Kennett replaced it with a chainlink fence. It was her only option, she said. Wrought iron gates like the one that was once outside her home retail for thousands of dollars.

But the cost isn’t just financial, Kennett said.

"Quit," she said. "Because you’re tearing up the historical in Covington."

Covington police said Thursday that people with those gates should secure them with chains or bicycle locks. Residents are also encouraged to call authorities if they see someone tampering with a gate.