Recovering addicts find hope as heavy metal band

Posted at 4:02 AM, Mar 20, 2016
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COVINGTON, Ky. – They're a heavy metal band with a message: There's hope for heroin addicts, you can overcome it.

Four  members of "Among Giants" know it's possible because they did it. They're recovering addicts. They share that bond, supporting each other, giving hope to others while blasting out a great sound.

Vocalist Tim Linnemann said they were together in rehab when the idea of starting a band came up.

Among Giants

"We were joking around about and it escalated into this," Linnemann said.

By "this," he was referring to the Madison Theater Band Challenge Saturday night. They took home third – the first place honor went to One Degree From Mande – but Among Giants definitely stood out with the hundreds in the crowd.

Linnemann and bass player Chris Wooldrige recounted how they got hooked and how it could have destroyed their lives.

"Started out young in high school," Linnemann said. "Just doing what other people were doing to fit in."

"Homeless at 22," Wooldridge said. "My family washed their hands of me."

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Drummer Josh Mitchell and guitarist Alex Hamilton found inspiration in music.

"It took me years and years (to break the habit), "Mitchell said. "It wasn't something I was capable of doing in one day."

"During recovery trying to change our lives we decided to take that positive energy and incorporate it into our music," Mitchell said.

"It has a lot of emotion. Part of our lyrics are things that we actually went through...things that we've actually seen. Feelings we actually felt."

It turned out they would fight their demons together.

"This music and this band has gotten me through some of the lowest lows of my life and they're always there for me,"  Linnemann said. "I'm getting ready to have a baby and they showered me with diapers."

Now they're spreading hope. Guitarist Steve Mullikin says it's all about "pure perseverance and never giving up."

"To change. To live a better life," Wooldridge said.

"It is an extremely difficult situation," Mitchell said,  "and without hope there's no way that anyone can rise above."

All  members are Among Giants are completely sober.

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