PD: Man threatened senior home employees and fled from police while carrying small child

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 07:22:05-05

COVINGTON, Ky. -- Police said a Covington man was charged Tuesday with wanton endangerment for threatening Providence Pavilion employees with a gun and then fleeing from authorities -- all while carrying a small child.

Luke Gamble, 22, had the child in his arms when he entered the senior living facility and attempted to talk to his domestic partner, who worked there, police said. When she refused to speak to him, he pulled out a gun and began to threaten the other employees, according to a news release issued after his arrest. 

When police arrived at the scene, Gamble fled on foot with the child still in his arms. 

"In the interest of the immediate and very serious public safety concern presented, the decision was made to enter the building without delay and confront the suspect," the Covington Police Department said in a news release. 


Police body cameras captured footage of officers pursuing Gamble through the building and arresting him; the child, according to the release, had been safely handed off to an employee shortly after the police arrived.

Gamble was arrested and charged with wanton endangerment as well as resisting arrest and possessing a handgun despite a previous felony conviction for drug trafficking.