Covington development designed to attract residents as well as businesses

Posted at 12:16 AM, Apr 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 05:10:58-04

COVINGTON, Ky. - It's easy to tell Covington economic boom is in full swing. Just look at all of the old buildings coming down and the new ones going up.

Now a new plan approved by the city is bringing residential development to go with commercial.

That's good news to Leah Kroger, who lives and works in Covington.

"Bring more people into the area because Covington is on the come up," Kroger said. 

Her Handzy gift shop is one of the few businesses up and running along Pike Street, but when she looks at the Duveneck Square Project under way at the corner of Eighth and Washington Street, her eyes widen.

"At first it was a little scary that it was going to get too gentrified too quickly, but now i think it's becoming more exciting with all the new businesses and restaurants and bars opening," Kroger said.

Phase One of that project will include more than 100 living units and 7,000 square feet for commercial space.

Juanita Eversole, a server at Rima's Diner, calls it "a big, big change."

"It's bringing more millennials down to the area," Eversole said.

Even though Rima's has an old-school style, Eversole said she welcomes new customers.

"Bring more new things into the area, but not just into the area, but into here also, of course," she said.

Plans have just been approved to demolish a row of old abandoned buildings on West Pike Street. If you'll remember, that's the area where Valerie McNamara was critically injured by a partial building collapse.

The only concern is where to park.

"There goes our parking. Now we only have street parking," Kroger said.

Eversole has the same worry.

"Parking is the big thing in Covington -  it really is," she said.

A new public garage will be built as part of the later phases of the project.