I-Team: Prosecutor drops murder charge, blames uncooperative witnesses

Posted at 7:52 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 22:12:34-04

LOCKLAND, Ohio -- Prosecutors are blaming uncooperative witnesses for dropping murder charges in a Lockland shooting last year.

Although it's very rare for a prosecutor do that, the 16-year-old cousin of one of the victims said he isn't surprised.

 “Long live Mico. Long live Pat,” said 16-year-old Drei Hamilton as he walked the 600 block of West Wyoming Avenue in Lockland. "This is Pat's block. People's block."

It's also the block where Drei's cousin, Rick Julious, was shot and killed alongside another man in March 2017. 

“Got shot right here first. Ran," Hamilton said. “There was blood everywhere.”

Three weeks after the shootings, police filed a criminal complaint against Gerry Myles, accusing him of murder. They finally tracked him down two months ago in Mississippi.

However, last week, prosecutors asked Judge Patrick Foley to drop all charges. In a statement, Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters told the I-Team: "We had uncooperative witnesses and we thought it best to dismiss so the statute of limitations was stayed. And if things develop, we will proceed."

During a visit to the block, four residents told the I-Team off-camera they are disappointed witnesses aren't cooperating, but they understand why.

One man said many people believe they put themselves at risk by testifying, and that doesn't surprise Hamilton.

"Mother ****** ain’t going to talk. Those mother ****** are going to be scared for their life," he said.

Standing near the spot where his cousin died, the steely-eyed 16-year-old seemed to be on edge, following movements long enough to rule them out as a threat.

Even though Myles is no longer charged with murder, he is still in jail. He had a court hearing Wednesday  for violating his probation for a drug trafficking conviction.

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