Hear Cincinnati: Its soul has moved to Mount Healthy, but this church's ghost remains in the West End

'You can't stay in the past and expect to move forward in the future'
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Posted at 4:42 PM, Apr 16, 2021
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"You can't stay in the past and expect to move forward in the future.”

That’s how a lifelong member of Revelation Missionary Baptist Church described the church’s decision to use gentrification to fuel a move from the West End to Mouth Healthy. WCPO gentrification reporter Monique John joins the Hear Cincinnati podcast to tell the full story.

Revelation Church in 1933.png
Revelation Church was seen as a safe haven for African Americans in Cincinnati and beyond.

First, host Brian Niesz is joined by community reporter Lucy May, senior manager of enterprise/investigative Meghan Goth, and senior real-time editor Pat LaFleur to discuss equality in Cincinnati, facts on the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine, another indicted Cincinnati council member, King's Islands new campground and more.

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