Weeds follow road renovations, but who's to blame?

Posted at 5:56 PM, Aug 05, 2016

SHARONVILLE, Ohio -- Some residents were blaming the city when an onslaught of weeds followed a $2 million street renovation project, but it turns out the residents may be at fault.

As the new curbs were finished, the city had new grass seed sprayed in where workers had torn up the lawn strips. 

The new improvements "really dressed up the neighborhood," resident Jeff Wheeler said. But then the weeds started growing -- a lot of weeds.

In a letter sent to residents at the beginning of the project, Public Works Director Joe Kempe wrote that the newly-seeded grass would need to be watered regularly or weeds would grow instead of the grass.

Some residents who spoke to a reporter said they didn't know about that.

For residents who have weeds growing in, Shiloh Carpenter of Reading Feed and Garden recommended killing the weeds and reseeding in the fall.