Republicans, Democrats rally at separate Sharonville events

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-04 18:40:16-05

SHARONVILLE, Ohio -- Republicans and Democrats rallied in Sharonville Saturday, though at two separate events.

At Sharon Woods Park, supporters of President Donald Trump wore pins, flew flags and cheered in support of what they called "the president's America-first ideals." It was one of numerous pro-Trump events across the country.

"He's an economic nationalist," Nathan Shroder of Fairfield said. "I really like how he wants to keep jobs in America. He wants to put America first, rather than outsource jobs to the Third World."

Outside the Sharonville Convention Center, demonstrators gathered in hopes of catching the attention of local GOP leaders as they met for an annual breakfast hosted by the Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club.

Michaela Little of Hamilton voiced her support for the Affordable Care Act, which her family uses for healthcare coverage.

"We can talk with them about our concerns -- our concerns about healthcare, our concerns about immigrants, our concerns about trans rights, our concerns about peoples' rights in general," she said.

Little said they hoped to get face-to-face town hall meetings with representatives from Ohio.

"I don’t think things work in a democracy without open communication," she said.

Demonstrators are both rallies said they plan organize to gather more support for their positions.