SWAT team shuts down sword-wielding man's tirade

Posted at 9:06 AM, Feb 08, 2016

NORWOOD, Ohio -- Let's hope your Super Bowl party didn't get this out of hand.

A SWAT team was called to end a tense, 24-minute standoff with a sword-wielding man early Monday morning, according to police reports.

Norwood officers arrived at a house on the 4600 block of McNeil Street around 4:40 a.m. after a 911 caller reported her neighbor was screaming erratically, threatening to set the building ablaze and rocking out to loud music.

Police report Hall waved a sword at them before surrendering 24 minutes later.

James Anthony Hall, 45, came out of a rear hallway, brandishing a sword at officers as he ran toward the front door of the residence, according to police reports.

"He had a hammer shoved in his belt loop, he had a knife shoved down the front of his pants -- a butcher knife -- and then he has the sword in his hand," Norwood Police Lt. Ron Murphy said.

Police ordered Hall to stop and drop his weapons, which he refused to do, according to police reports. Before finally dropping his weapons, police said, Hall yelled repeatedly at officers from the front porch of the home, appearing to be heavily under the influence of alcohol. 

"He has his arms up. He's telling them, 'Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me.' I think they know he's a little off," neighbor Jamaica Cephas said.

Throughout Hall's tirade, officers evacuated residents from the upstairs apartment of the home, along with two women who were inside the apartment with Hall, according to police reports.

Norwood police requested the assistance of the Hamilton County Police Association SWAT team, and Hall willingly surrendered to Norwood police within five minutes of that request, according to police reports. 

Hall was arrested and charged with with disorderly conduct while intoxicated, inducing panic and aggravated menacing. He was incarcerated at the Hamilton County Justice Center.