Norwood police, Addiction Services Council reach out to help heroin addicts

Goal: 'Divert them into treatment'
Posted at 6:28 PM, May 16, 2017

NORWOOD, Ohio – With three heroin deaths in the past month, police and the Addiction Services Council are more urgent than ever to provide help and hope.

With HART.

“We only really have one message— what can we do to help you?” said Lt. Tom Fallon.

“We want to divert them into treatment as opposed to jail or even death."

The two groups  have partnered with the health and fire departments to connect addicts with treatment. They call the partnership the Heroin Abuse Reduction Team (HART).

Norwood's program is similar to one in Colerain. Every person who overdoses in Norwood gets a personal home visit by police, fire, a member of the health department and addiction specialists.

“If we can get a face-to-face meeting, I think people see that we really do care and we’re willing to help them,” said Nan Franks of the Addiction Services Council.

The overall intent is to give addicts and their families all the resources available for treatment and ultimately start the road to recovery.

“I think the reality is most people don’t want to live an addicted lifestyle,” Franks said.

It often takes more than one attempt, and HART promises to be there with them.

“Stick with them. I think that means a lot," Franks said.

The Addiction Services Council has a treatment specialist available two days a week at the Norwood Police Substation in  the Norwood Community Center, 1810 Courtland Ave. Hours are 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Walk-ins are welcome or call ahead to  the Addiction Services Council at 513-281-7880 or Lt. Tom Fallon at 513-458-4548.

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