Norwood brawl lands one man in hospital and five in jail

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jul 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-05 08:03:29-04

NORWOOD, Ohio -- A brutal brawl near a local bar sent one man to the hospital with multiple injuries and landed five people in jail.

According to police, unreleased video surveillance at The Wood Bar in Norwood showed exactly what lead up to the full-blown brawl.

Police said Steve Keith, 48, was outside the bar when he witnessed a man hitting a woman. When he stepped in to break up the dispute, he was assaulted by the man and then attacked by a group.

"Next thing I know, I had people coming from every direction," Keith said.

Watch cellphone footage of the incident in the video player below, provided by Keith. WARNING: Video contains offensive language.


The injuries he sustained, including a broken eye socket, have been painful, according to Keith.

"I got a couple bruised ribs, busted lip (and a) fractured finger," Keith said.

Keith, who has lived in Norwood since 1974, said that the town used to be friendlier.

"Now you can't walk down the street without being jumped," Keith said. "Especially on that side of town."

According to Keith, his injuries will not stop him from to continuing to protect others.  

"I'll make sure they don't do it to anybody else," Keith said. "I'll be the one to step up."

With the help of witness statements and the video surveillance, Norwood Police were able to make five arrests including that of Katie Leach, 18, Dylan Carter, 20, Kevin Banderas, 20, Brandon Whisenant, 19 and one juvenile.

At least three of the suspects have been charged with assault, and two others have been charged with aggravated rioting, according to authorities.

Bradley Carter, father of one of the suspects, said he believes that the situation could have been handled differently.

"I understand the guy took serious injuries and apologize for that from me to him," said Carter. "But if you felt that way, I would have called the cops."

In a statement, Norwood City Council member James Bonsall said of the incident "this behavior is not representative of Norwood and it won't be tolerated in our community."

According to police, more arrests could be made as the investigation continues.