Daytime burglar breaking into homes in Norwood

Posted at 4:26 AM, Mar 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-05 04:26:07-05

NORWOOD, Ohio – Police are warning residents about a string of home burglaries on the south side of town this week.

Someone broke into three homes in broad daylight south of Williams Street. Police say the burglar watches houses and strikes when residents go out.

"They don't want to be surprised. They want to get in, steal some stuff from the house and get out," said Lt. Ron Murphy, Norwood Police spokesperson.

"I'm concerned a little bit," said Norwood resident  Cameron Kelley, "but no matter where you live that happens."

Murphy said residents need to be on the lookout for strangers.  

"We (the police) could be going down the street and this burglar could be walking down the street on his way to commit a burglary and we just don't know. We're not sure who belongs in a neighborhood and who doesn't," Murphy said.

If residents see anyone the least bit suspicious,  they should call police, he said.

 "If you see somebody going down the driveway and you think it's probably just somebody that's going to do some work, call," Murphy said.

Kelley says he's always on the lookout and lets neighbors know when he's having visitors.

"If I have someone stopping by to get something from my house, I'll let the next-door neighbor know," Kelley said.

Kelley says he has even confronted strangers on the street.

"If somebody's kind of sitting in a car that's off to the side with the engine running, I mean, I've gone out and confronted people before," Kelley said.

Just call the police, Murphy advises.

"If somebody does look suspicious, if the behavior looks suspicious, just call - that's all were asking," Murphy said.

Call the Norwood police dispatch center at 458-4520.