Security guard who called in school bomb threats gets 5 years in prison

Security guard who called in school bomb threats gets 5 years in prison
Posted at 1:50 PM, Aug 10, 2016

NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio -- The security guard who admitted to calling in fake bomb threats to North College Hill Schools was sentenced to serve five years in prison for inducing panic.

Christopher Darnell Files, 21, was working as a contracted security guard at North College Hill schools in March when the district saw a rash of bomb threats. After working with cell phone companies and studying security footage, police arrested Files, who admitted to placing threatening calls to the school.

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The calls were made from Files' cell phone from inside the school, North College Hill Police Chief Ryan Schrand said. Police called the phone number and located it in the school.

When police confronted Files about the phone, Files confessed to making the calls, Schrand said. He said he did not have a bomb in the school. He is charged with three counts of inducing panic.

"It's very sad. The world today is quite different," Superintendent Gary Gellert said. "Things have changed significantly. It used to be that these threats would be written on pieces of paper or on the bathroom stall."

Files is also ordered to pay $168,724.80 in restitution, either through civil action or collected during parole.

Web Editor Marais Jacon-Duffy and reporter Jordan Burgess contributed to this report.