VIDEO: Body-cam footage shows Mount Healthy mobile home explosion that injured 2 residents

Posted at 7:39 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 18:04:32-04

MOUNT HEALTHY, Ohio -- Two people were injured by a series of explosions and fire inside a Mount Healthy mobile home Wednesday afternoon, according to the Mount Healthy Fire Department.

Two residents, a husband and wife, were injured. The husband had been released from the hospital Thursday, but the wife was still there, friends said.

Several oxygen tanks inside the home exploded as the fire burned. Police bodycam footage shows an officer arriving first on the scene and moving onlookers back as the tanks blow.

Watch the bodycam video below:


"His training definitely came out in that," Sgt Greg Nolte said. "It's evident for everybody to see. I couldn't expect my officer to do any better than he did."

John and Patsy Woehrmeyer have been friends with the two victims for 40 years. Hours after the explosion, which knocked out the walls and caved in the roof of Chuck McCane’s home, they said they were still shaking.

McCane and his wife lost everything when their home went up in flames, Patsy said, and McCane himself is staying with the Woehrmeyers while his wife recovers at UC Medical Center.

"I’ve been talking to the doctors," said John. "They said she’s pretty bad, pretty bad."

Both the Woehrmeyers and the neighbor who called 911 during the fire thought the explosions must have been related to the several oxygen tanks McCane kept in the home, but authorities were not sure whether those tanks started the fire or not.

The Ohio State Fire Marshal was investigating the incident.