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Hamilton County hurries up repairs to crumbling Cliff Road

'If I was a stranger driving this, I would for sure be scared'
Posted at 8:19 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 05:13:33-04

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A fix is on the way for a crumbling roadway.

Hamilton County has approved a $300,000 contract to expedite repairs to Cliff Road before more of it breaks apart and slides down the steep hillside.

Traffic has already been limited to one lane. Buses and heavy trucks have already been detoured.

It’s enough to make regular drivers wary.

“Especially at night when you’re driving and you see a hole, you’re like, ‘Am I going to run over it?’ ” said Madison Hedrick, a Cliff Road resident.

“I live on this street, so I’ve been driving it for 18 years,” Hedrick said. “I’m kind of used to Cliff Road, but if I was a stranger driving this, I would for sure be scared.”

Hamilton County Engineer Ted Hubbard said the project couldn’t wait for 2020.

“We felt that this needed more attention. It needed attention immediately,” Hubbard said.

The fix will include reinforced concrete piers, which should hold up the road and prevent further slides.

“So when any kind of lateral soil pressure is asserted on it, it can resist that soil movement,” Hubbard said.

Work should start within the next month or so and the project should be done in early February.

That will make Hedrick happy.

“I want it to be fixed. I’m so sick of waiting at this light,” she said.