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Residents try to track down mysterious nightly booms in Loveland

Loveland booms
Posted at 11:44 PM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 11:10:25-05

LOVELAND, Ohio — Dozens of homeowners in Loveland have shared a similar experience, hearing a loud sound at nearly the same time every night.

"8:30 p.m. on the button, OK," said Joe Wessels with Loveland Local News. "And I thought, this is crazy — someone is obviously up to something."

While the booms are heard every night, they have yet to be located. Now, amateur sleuths in the area are hoping to solve the mystery.

Delow Williams waited on Russell Street just before the anticipated 8:30 p.m. noise, ready for the show. As he waited, Williams' two sons-in-law were scoping out the nearby woods.

"The past week, we've been trying to hunt it down," Williams said. "It's a good night. We're hoping we can kind of hear it, get a good idea on if we can see something, but so far we haven't seen anything."

Wessels said there are a few theories floating around online.

"Alien crashing into the ground," Wessels said. "He was saying he saw it with his own three eyes."

Other ideas? Rozzi's Fireworks and Lake Isabella are close by, but both are closed. Miami Township Police Chief Mike Mills said they have received calls about loud booms "occasionally for the last couple years," but no one can identify where they are coming from.

"There have been more reported recently with some identifying them as fireworks," Mills said in a statement. "That area of Miami Township borders Hamilton County and we’re not even sure if it’s occurring here or just being heard in Miami Township. The officers have heavily patrolled, never seeing fireworks or hearing any booms. People on the Milford OH Neighborhood Facebook page have been reporting unidentified booms for the last couple of years.”

Residents said it is a welcome distraction from daily life.

"Let's go on to worry about where are the magical mystery booms coming from here in Loveland," Wessels said.

There were no booms Wednesday, so the mystery saga continues. Will it be solved?

"Like many things of this nature, probably not," Wessels said.

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