PD: 2 boys find parents passed out after suspected heroin use in Harrison

Posted at 12:00 PM, Aug 22, 2016

HARRISON, Ohio -- Two Harrison parents are behind bars after their two sons found them passed out at the bottom of their basement stairs Sunday night after suspected heroin use, according to court records.

Court records state Roger A. Stewart, 35, and Tiffany M. O'Neal, 30, were non-responsive, so the boys ran to a neighbor's house to summon help.

Police revived the couple, who they say were surrounded by 17 hypodermic needles, two charred spoons, six to seven burnt metal cans cut in half, several cotton filters and two smoking pipes. Police said two of the needles still had liquid in them.

Both suspects face two counts of endangering children, one count of possession of drug abuse instruments and one count of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia. Stewart also faces a charge of drug abuse as a tablet of generic Percocet was found in his pants pocket.

Stewart and O'Neal are scheduled to be arraigned Monday.