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Harrison, Ohio family collects water to donate to Dayton storm victims

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Posted at 8:48 PM, Jun 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-02 20:48:16-04

HARRISON, Ohio — Jen Hauer and her family were looking for a way to get involved after seeing the destruction a string of tornadoes left after tearing through the Dayton area Monday night.

"Of course we were praying, but what can we do?," Hauer said. "We need to do something for them."

The Hauer family called the Dayton Food Bank to see what they could do. Elected officials, churches, and recovery teams all stressed the need for water.

"It could've been us and you just pray that if you're the one in a crisis that people would step up and help you," Hauer said. "We just felt it so much in our heart."

A quick post on Facebook later, and the truck sitting in the family's driveway started to fill up with donated water. They've had friends, family, and total strangers show up to drop of cases of bottled water to help tornado victims.

"More than anything, that's what we want for the people who've been affected by know that they're not alone...that we're rallying behind them and we're praying for them," Hauer said.

Hauer said dozens of people are getting involved in the effort. In the days after the tornadoes, the Dayton Food Bank has already collected more than a half a million gallons of water donations.

"One person alone can't do this," Hauer said. "We could not have done this, but when we all work together we can truly make a difference."