Hamilton County property owners can see what tax levies would cost them, auditor says

Estimates posted on auditor's website
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CINCINNATI – Memo to Hamilton County property owners:

Wonder what proposed tax levies would cost you?

You can find an estimate based on your current property valuation on the Hamilton County Auditor’s website, Auditor Dusty Rhodes announced Wednesday.

Go to your property page and click on “Levy Information” in the side column.

For 15 years Hamilton County property owners have been able to see what proposed new tax levies would cost them before they voted. This year they get an estimate,  Rhodes said.

Rhodes explained that the state requires complete county-wide revaluations every six years with a triennial update three years in.

"In the year we revalue we simply do not have all the information we need prior to the November election,” he said. “It is a problem of the timetables established by state law. However, we think it’s important to at least give voters some idea of what they are being asked for.

“Values on most properties will likely change with January’s tax bills.   The new values will not be known until the State Tax Commissioner approves them sometime late this year.”

Rhodes also issued a summary of all proposed levies on the November ballot including the estimated cost for an owner-occupied residence currently valued at $100,000.