Water Works crew finally covers sinkhole in Golf Manor, but will anybody fix it?

Neighbors waited three weeks for help
Posted at 10:58 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 23:09:51-04

GOLF MANOR, Ohio – It's been three weeks since heavy rains damaged at least 1,600 homes in several communities and left a huge sinkhole on a Golf Manor street.

People living there were still waiting for it to be repaired Wednesday, so we called Golf Manor and they told us to call Cincinnati Water Works, and we did.

A few hours later, a Water Works crews put a plate over the sinkhole and eased some residents' fears. Now the question is: Who will fix it? And when?

"A hole that large and that deep, your whole car is going down in it," said Carol Crawford.

Crawford said she spotted the hole a few days after the heavy rains.

"When I came back from the gym, the hole was there."

The hole continued to grow, she said. Golf Manor put up cones and caution tape, but that couldn't keep the kids away from it.

"Kind of tired of monitoring the hole," Crawford said. "The children are throwing the cones inside and making it a trash can."

People living on Yosemite Street say it's about time something was done.

"This hole has been sitting here at the corner for three weeks and I want it fixed," said Dorothea King.

At last check, though, they were still looking at who will fix the hole.

Neighbors are just happy they won't have to worry about anyone falling in it anymore.

"Even if you don't fix it, plate it," Crawford said.

We'll keep an eye on the progress to see when this giant hole is repaired.