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Residents say they could lose power because landlord owes $9,000

Posted: 8:20 PM, Jun 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-29 04:22:59Z

FAIRFIELD, Ohio -- People living at Horning Mobile Manor in Fairfield are in jeopardy of losing power after they received a 10-day notice from Duke Energy.

Residents of the trailer park found the notices on their doors Monday. Since then, they said they haven't gotten a clear answer from the property manager.

"People are just fed up," Ron George said.

George has lived at Horning Mobile Manor for 11 years. He retired as property manager in April, and that's when he said things went down hill. 

"It's actually sad, to be honest with you ... They do no spraying, no trimming, no nothing," he said.

George and several other residents discussed their concerns. They showed a reporter sagging utility poles and a wire down on a trailer. But this week, residents like Allen Evers said things went from bad to worse.

"We might celebrate the Fourth of July big time, and five days later we are in the dark," Evers said. 

The warning from Duke Energy said the landlord owes more than $9,000. The power will go out next week if it's not paid.

"These are tin cans. In the summertime, they are hot," Evers said. "If the airs go off, it's 100 degrees in these things. We can't survive."

The property manager didn't return a reporter's call. 

After getting no help from management, George said he hired an attorney.

"It's going to take a death in here before somebody steps up and does something, and that's what worries me," he said.