PD: Delhi Township 4-year-old who vanished after mother's overdose found in South Carolina

Posted at 4:54 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-20 11:22:02-04

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Officials found 4-year-old Jaeden McClure in South Carolina after he had been missing for more than a week, according to Lt. Joe Macaluso. 

Officials found McClure at an apartment complex in Greenville Thursday, and Macaluso said the boy is safe and in custody of Child Protective Services in Greenville.

Job and Family Services claimed custody over the boy July 9, when police discovered his mother suffering from an overdose in the family's Pedretti Avenue home.

When they returned to remove him from that home the next day, he was gone. Both his mother, Misty McClure, and father, Jasper Pickett, were arrested and charged with interference with custody, but Jaeden's location was still a question mark by Wednesday night.

"It's known in their family now that JFS has custody of this kid," Corporal Brad Doerger said. "Someone's harboring this kid and committing a crime in and of themselves if they continue to."

Pickett falsely told police that Jaeden was staying with family members at a phony address in South Carolina.

Jaeden's great-grandmother, Trula McClure, said Wednesday that Pickett told her the same story.

"I would love to know where he's at," she said. "It is a mess. If ever in my life I was ever in a mess, this is it."

Jaeden was found at an extended family member's apartment in Greenville, Macaluso said.