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Officials perplexed by deadly Delhi Township house fire

Neighbors didn't see flames or smell smoke
Posted at 11:07 AM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 19:33:47-04

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Officials say they’re perplexed by the unusual circumstances of a house fire that killed a married couple.

Neighbors said there were no outward signs of a fire in Lawrence and Marsha Morgan’s house, no smoke or flames to alert them.

That made it even more heartbreaking for family members, who went to the house on Samoht Drive Tuesday to check on their loved ones and discovered their bodies in the bedroom.

“The family was on scene and they spoke with us and they're devastated by their loss.  At this point everyone's trying to piece it together to find out why and how this happened,” said Lt. Joe Macaluso, head of the Delhi police Investigation Division.

No one knows when the fire started or when it apparently extinguished itself, according to Macaluso. It’s believed the Morgans, both in their late 60s, died Sunday or Monday.

Family members said the couple hadn't answered phone calls. When they entered the house, they were shocked to see there had been a fire, Macaluso said.

“And then to find two loved ones in there is tragic,” he added.

Macaluso said the fire started in the main room of the house, which took most of the damage.

“The house was shut up and closed.  All the windows were closed and therefore the fire did not have oxygen to fuel it and the fire did not break out the windows,” Macaluso said.

The Morgans were wonderful people and friends, neighbors said.

Fire investigators do not suspect arson. The coroner is working to determine cause of death.