Nude photos and taunts after Facebook hijack

Posted at 4:47 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 19:15:00-05

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Somebody is posing as a Delhi Twp. man on Facebook, and that man can’t do anything about it.

John Roberts said he found himself locked out of his Facebook account just a few days ago, and — in the time since — he’s noticed someone is posting photos and personal information on his behalf.

“It could be anybody in the entire world. Literally,” Roberts told WCPO Tuesday.

“I’m extremely frustrated.”

Whoever hijacked Roberts’ account has access to everything: his pictures, his friends as well as Facebook Messenger, the site’s instant messaging tool.

The hijacker has even made lewd comments to Roberts’ girlfriend and posted naked photos of her to the site.

“He wanted a video of me and him having sex together while he watches,” said Nicole Hill, Roberts’ girlfriend. "Disgusted."

A recent post was simply a menacing smiley face.

“Yeah, he’s taunting (me),” Roberts said.

It might sound scary, but the truth is that this sort of thing happens all the time, according to Kamal Cook, owner of locally-based AllPro Technologies.

Cook said the first thing to do is contact Facebook and alert them to the problem.

“The problem is Facebook isn’t a paid service…so our page being hacked when they’ve got 50 million users is at the very bottom of their to-do list,” Cook said.

“What I’ve seen is Facebook normally just takes the whole page down and you have to start over, because they really don’t have a good way of knowing who’s who,” he said.

Cook recommended being diligent about varying your passwords, as well as changing them once every few months.