Colerain Township firefighter Doug Rolf earns EMS Provider of the Year award

Posted at 10:03 AM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 10:03:03-04

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- The firefighters at station 26 in Colerain Township are always busy, which meant WCPO staffers had to wait on them to return from one of their 30 to 35 daily emergency runs.

Earlier this month, seven-year veteran Doug Rolf received the township's top honor as EMS Provider of the Year.

In addition to emergency calls, Rolf is on the quick-response team and heads up several community programs. He said he joined the fire service because he wanted to interact with and help people. 

"When you get in the fire service, it's normally just get in the ambulance or engine, you go to the run and you leave," Rolf said. "Typically that's your extent of your contact and now we're actually developing relationships, following up with people in their homes or at our place and getting to know them a lot more in-depth, so we can help them better."

Rolf said he's in school now for tech rescue, so he's training for ice, water and trench rescues as well as how to rescue people after a building collapse.