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Cincinnati is one of the world's unfriendliest cities? Go jump in a lake, Travel + Leisure

Posted at 12:51 PM, Sep 03, 2015
and last updated 2018-01-30 08:51:05-05

CINCINNATI – So, Cincinnati, the folks at Travel + Leisure decided you are just too smug and unwelcoming and ranked your town the 18th Unfriendliest City in the World.

Take a moment to put your head down, mumble to yourself and cuss under your breath.

Why? It doesn't say – except for this testimonial by one anonymous visitor: “I arrived in Cincinnati on a weekend and I thought it was closed.” That must have been Mark Twain or a standup comic looking for work. 

Usually, Travel + Leisure has good things to say about the Queen City, such as in this article headlined "Cincinnati Rising" or this one that ranks Cincinnati the third best U.S. city for a staycation. That was a compliment, I thought, but maybe they were telling us we should stay in Cincinnati and never leave because we're so smug and unfriendly.

So why did you turn on us, T+L? Did you hear about the mayor's tomato fight and get the wrong idea? We didn't even make the list of 15 Unfriendliest Cities in America that you published in May. Wait! That was before the All-Star Game! Was it something we did during All-Star week? Get poor bar service? Didn't like our chili? A fly in your soup?

If so, come back for the Riverfestfireworks Sunday. Or Oktoberfest, the biggest one in the world outside Munich. Or Opening Day. Or the Flying Pig. No, you know what? Don't come back.

Obviously, some poor, wretched web staffer at Travel + Leisure was ordered to build a photo gallery for click bait, and this is what they came up with. So we're giving  T+L the 18th ranking on our list of World's Dumbest Click-Bait Photo Galleries.

Take that. Call us unfriendly?

Go jump in a lake.

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If you want to see a more positive image of Cincinnati, check out the new Serena Williams' Beats by Dre ad filmed here during the Western & Southern Open last month.