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Yoga helping special needs students at Aiken High School

Posted at 5:30 AM, Sep 24, 2018

CINCINNATI -- For some special needs students at Aiken High School, yoga has helped them in many ways, including helping them relax in the classroom and concentrate more on their school work.

"The kids seem to get a little bit calmer afterwards and during," said Ann Callahan-George, an intervention specialist at Aiken High School. "They're responding very well to it."

According to the Yoga Alliance, yoga has been shown to help people in a variety of ways, such as relieving stress, improving flexibility and providing the practitioner with a calmer composure. Special needs children gain these benefits as well as increased concentration over time.

School officials wanted to start the program last school year, but they did not have enough yoga mats for the students. Afterwards, community members stepped in to help.

"Some [mats] were donated from one of the organizations that I actually go to yoga at," said Callahan-George. "Our principal actually bought us quite a few. I think over 20 mats."

The program is only a few weeks old, but Callahan-George already thinks similar programs should be available in more schools. "I think it should spread to other schools," said Callahan-George. "Most definitley."