With school out, volunteers try to make sure needy children get meals

Feed The Children, motorcycle club work together
Posted at 6:41 PM, Jul 20, 2016

CINCINNATI - Providing food and supplies one box at a time.

A helping hand for hundreds of Greater Cincinnati families who might not be able to provide these essentials on their own. 

One by one cars roll through, and box by box the goods are packed and loaded.

It’s all thanks to a partnership between Feed The Children and Star Motorcycle Riding Association, whose volunteers work together to give back to at least 800 local families like Lorraine Sexton's.

“I work for the school district, but so far I’ve only been able to get part-time hours,  so I get very little in the summer," Sexton said. "It’s been extremely tight and I have four kids.”

It's an ongoing struggle throughout Greater Cincinnati, where the poverty level is about 15 percent. 

 “The summer time is so crucial right now," said Jessica Webb of Feed The Children. "With school out, these children aren’t getting their typical meals that they get through the school year.”

And that’s where the boxes come in handy with  pounds of food items and personal hygiene products.

“Inside just one of these boxes it can be enough to supplement a family of four for at least a week,” Webb said.

“Pasta, peanut butter, macaroni, cereal, canned goods … The blue box is hygiene items, so that’s shampoo, body wash, toiletries."

Two semi-trucks  brought these supplies, and hundreds of bikers across the country also carried a load.

Those in need simply sign up, drive through and pick-up. 

“It’s just wonderful to know that there are still some people out there who want to help,” Sexton said.

Feed The Children is on a mission across the county, not just in the Tri-State.

“Make sure that no child goes to bed hungry," Webb said.