Wind and rain couldn't stop the Little Kings Mile

Posted at 12:35 AM, May 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-06 00:35:32-04

CINCINNATI -- Friday night may have been cold and rainy, but the hundreds of runners who arrived at the starting line of the Little Kings Mile were hot to trot.

The Little Kings Mile is the first race in a weekend full of them, and many participants said they planned to run in several more. Louise Dafler of Fairfield Township said she hoped to complete the Skyline Three-way Challenge 'with extra cheese' -- a Flying Pig weekend in which each event corresponds to a component of Skyline's famous entree.

Karen Bone, who arrived from Kansas in a very on-theme Flying Pig hat, said she was impressed by the hospitality of Cincinnatians and marathon organizers.

"It is so awesome," she said. "They met us at the airport, they gave us a welcome bag and took our pictures -- everyone has been so nice."

We also spotted some of our own co-workers out in the rain -- for fun! We weren't even making them do it!

"It was my fastest mile ever, but I thought I was going to die," said WCPO investigative reporter Hillary Lake.

"It was cold and wet," said reporter Evan Millward. "I have a bone to pick with Steve Raleigh about it."

We'll be sure to let him know.