CET makes plea to supporters to help prevent federal budget cuts

Posted at 12:12 PM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 12:12:08-04

CINCINNATI – CET is making a plea to the public to contact local representatives to prevent a proposal from the government to eliminate funding for public media.

The plea fromCincinnati's PBS station comes after President Trump released his full budget proposal for the fiscal year 2018 Tuesday, which seeks to eliminate funding for public media.

Trump first proposed the cut in his “skinny budget” back in March 2017.

According to David Fogarty, president and general manager of the Greater Cincinnati Television Educational Foundation, funding is critical for CET and the programs and services that it provides.

“Its loss would be a huge blow to our ability to bring you the news, information, and entertainment you count on from CET,” Fogarty said in a letter to supporters. 

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Public media ensures that valuable content is accessible to all communities, according to Fogarty.

“Stations like CET serve as an extension of the classroom through educational programming, a vital gateway to the arts and culture, and a reliable source of unbiased, professional journalism,” Fogarty said.

The letter ends with a call to the public to contact elected officials.

“If you value our work at CET, now is the time to raise your voice,” Fogarty said.

Public media is not the only controversial budget cut that President Trump is looking to make. He also is making cuts to medical and science research, Medicaid and education.