WATCH: Local voters weigh in on debate

Posted at 12:23 AM, Oct 10, 2016

CINCINNATI -- Those who might be on the fence in the swing state of Ohio came together Sunday night to watch the second presidential debate.

Students, faculty and staff tuned in at the University of Cincinnati’s watch party, which featured live updates on Twitter, data from potential voters in the area as well as a panel discussion before and after the debate.

The event was aimed at providing discussion and resources to voters.

Richard Harknett, head of UC Department of Political Science, said Ohio’s stance is pivotal to the overall election.

“Getting a sense of the audience tonight will give us some sense of whether or not Clinton was able to continue the positive trajectory for herself or whether Mr. Trump was able to change the possible direction of the rest of the campaign," Harknett said.

UC student Danny O’Connor was also in attendance. O’Connor, a member of the Undergraduate Political Science Student Association, thinks the debate watch is an important opportunity.

"Having an opportunity to… engage with a debate and have an opportunity to have a holistic sense of the issues before making their vote I think is just as incredibly important," O’Connor said.