WATCH: Cincinnati police release video of officer-involved shooting in Corryville

Posted at 12:22 PM, May 25, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Police say Michael Anthony Evans fled from officers, ran through people’s backyards and scaled a chain link fence before officers shot him Wednesday in Corryville.

Sgt. Brian Trotta shot Evans when he saw him carrying a firearm, Chief Eliot Isaac said in a news conference Thursday. Trotta and officer Aaron Roach from the Violent Crimes Squad had been searching for Evans after identifying him as an armed and dangerous suspect in a 9 a.m. shooting in Over-the-Rhine.

WARNING: The video below contains images that some may find disturbing.

Trotta fired two shots at Evans, striking him once in the leg. Crews took Evans to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he remains under police supervision. Trotta sprained his knee and ankle, but he was treated and released.

Officers had swarmed the area east of the University of Cincinnati and south of the UC Medical Center after finding Evans' vehicle there.

Trotta and Roach spotted Evans walking on East University Avenue. As they approached him and ordered him to stop, he fled on Euclid Avenue, through the backyards of people’s homes.

Officer Roach stunned Evans with a Taser as he climbed a chainlink fence, but police said the Taser only took a partial effect and Evans continued running.

Trotta and Roach weren't wearing body cameras, but footage of the incident was captured by a surveillance camera from the Corryville Recreation Center.

Issac said the firearm recovered from the scene was stolen from Knox County, Missouri.

Evans, who is from Orlando, has been in Cincinnati for several weeks. He has an extensive criminal record in Florida, Issac said.

His criminal record includes charges for resisting arrests, falsification, multiple cases of felony theft and felony drug possession.

At the time of the shooting, Evans had an outstanding probation violation warrant, stemming from his felony theft charges, Isaac said.

Evans faces charges of felonious assault from the shooting Wednesday morning in Over-the-Rhine, and charges regarding the incident with the officers are pending.

Evans is being held on a $310,000 bond, and he will appear in front of a grand jury on June 5.