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Fourth of July celebrations trash Walnut Hills playground

Neighbors said police never responded to calls.
Posted at 4:29 PM, Jul 05, 2019

CINCINNATI — Neighbors living near Eden Park said Fourth of July celebrations left trash all over the St. James Avenue playground.

The trash had been cleaned up by Friday afternoon, but police said it included illegal fireworks, food and soda cans.

Neighbors said they heard the fireworks going off all day and all night long. At least one person said she called 911 to report it, but the police didn’t show up for hours. By then, the crowd of revelers was gone.

Police said they receive so many calls about illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July that they cannot respond to all of them, so they prioritize those reporting injuries.

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Wes Crout and his young daughter live not far from where the celebrations took place. Like some others, he said he was disappointed anyone would leave the park covered in trash.

"Mostly I feel bad for the kids, to go play in the playground, and the park employees who come and clean this up," he said. "They do come and clean it up and they do a fantastic job."

City parks workers had to use a trash blower, trash bags and grabbers to clean up.