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Cicadas not welcome at this Walnut Hills bar

Posted at 7:38 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-22 16:30:48-04

CINCINNATI — The Comfort Station, a bar in Walnut Hills, is taking extra steps to keep customers, well, comfortable.

One of the bar’s biggest attractions is their outdoor space.

“We love the outdoor space,” said Aaron Boyle, general manager for the Comfort Station. “We want people to enjoy it.”

But with the emergence of Brood X, outdoor spaces are getting a little buggy.

"We were sitting down brainstorming about the idea of what to do with cicadas and one of the leaders in our company was like, ‘What about some netting?’” Boyle said. “And we found a company and put it up and here it is."

With the emergence of Brood X, outdoor spaces at some bars are getting a little buggy. The Comfort Station in Walnut Hills has taken big steps to keep these little bar guests out.

The cicada-free patio can keep your drinks free of unwanted little friends.

“No extra little cruncher garnish there,” Boyle said.

The mesh netting surrounds the sides and top of the outdoor space. Boyle said the mesh is working well so far -- no cicada sightings for the Walnut Hills bar -- but folks are bracing themselves for six weeks of a cicada summer.

With less green space and trees downtown, though, the new streateries shouldn't have to worry about cicadas killing the vibe.