Track repair work will mean some temporary streetcar service interruption

Track repair work will mean some temporary streetcar service interruption
Posted at 5:27 PM, Mar 01, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati's streetcar will see a temporary service interruption for track repair work in the coming weeks, according to a spokesperson with City Councilwoman Amy Murray's office.

Murray's spokeswoman, Lauren O'Brien confirmed the looming service interruption late Wednesday afternoon. Murray serves as chair of council's transportation committee.

The repair work will correct flaws in the concrete flooring that holds a portion of the Cincinnati Bell Connector's rail track along the 3.6-mile loop's Downtown circuit, and will require several days of service interruption in order for the concrete to cure properly.

The repairs are covered under warranty and will not require any additional city funding to complete. The service interruption could mean a dip in fare revenues for the construction period.

O'Brien did not indicate whether the work would interrupt service along the streetcar's entire route -- which also loops through Over-the-Rhine -- or just along the Downtown portion. The track is designed to accommodate continued service on one half of the route during an interruption along the other, in certain cases.

O'Brien said there are two locations that need repaired, one near the intersection of Court and Walnut streets and the other near Walnut and Ninth streets, both on the route's Downtown half.

Council's transportation committee next week will consider options for accommodating the repair work while also requiring the minimal amount of service interruption.

Murray's office did not indicate a specific date construction would begin, or at what time of day it would occur.