This is not a drill: Fiona now has her own Facebook show

CINCINNATI -- It's finally happened. 

Fiona has become so famous, she's getting her own show. 

The show -- called, "The Fiona Show" -- will premiere on Facebook Tuesday, Aug. 29.

It will include never-before-seen video of her birth, according to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's Twitter page. 

Details have not been released on the number and frequency of episodes. Updates and episodes will be posted on the official Fiona Show Facebook page

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Fiona, who was born prematurely, became hugely popular thanks to photos and videos the Cincinnati Zoo has posted online.

Hippo mom Bibi gave birth to Fiona six weeks early, on Jan. 24. She weighed only 29 pounds, which is about 25 pounds lighter than the lowest-recorded birth weight for her species.

Thousands of people have bought #TeamFiona T-shirts, and thousands more have eaten Fiona-themed bakery treats.

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