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Soon you, too, can buy Fiona's poop

WATCH LIVE: Fiona explores her outdoor habitat
Posted at 12:17 PM, Feb 21, 2020

CINCINNATI — You have pictures with Fiona. You have followed Fiona online since day one. You've got a Fiona shirt, a Fiona cup, a couple different iterations of a book featuring Fiona and countless Fiona stickers and magnets. Now, you can own something Fiona made herself: hippo poop.

As part of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens Net Zero initiative, the zoo plans on composting the nearly 2 million pounds of animal waste for use as fertilizer. The fertilizer would be used on zoo grounds as well as to help grow the food the animals eat.

Once the zoo acquires the proper composting material and equipment and the process gets underway, Cincinnati Zoo Communications Director Michelle Curley said, they plan on selling some of the fertilizer to customers. That means that if you buy some, you could be getting help from Fiona in growing your own garden.

For anyone interested, hippos in the wild poop so much that one study said the amount of poop is killing off fish and clogging up rivers. If that's any indication as to how much poop Fiona makes, every garden and lawn in the Tri-State will have a healthy amount of Fiona's very own, specially-made fertilizer.

Unfortunately, it's unknown when the fertilizer will be available to the public.