Sole Bros. plan to send shoes to needy kids

Posted at 9:46 PM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 21:46:33-05

CINCINNATI – Three eighth-graders have started a non-profit to distribute shoes to kids in countries where they don't have any.

The Sole Bros got their inspiration from Spencer Boyd's mother.

"She said on her recent business trip kids were wearing cardboard shoes and that's when we were figuring out ways we can help," said Kellen Newman. "A little minor idea just turned into something way bigger than we thought it would."

The idea: collect new or nearly new shoes to make those kids comfortable and confident.

"We want them to feel as confident as we do," said Boyd. "When you get a pair of shoes, you want to go and show everybody, 'I got a pair of new shoes. Check it out!'"

The trio is collecting donations and partnering with local businesses to help make their dreams a reality.

"People can drop off their shoes and donate to them and then we're partnering up with the RuJohn Foundation and they're going to ship the shoes to Jamaica," said Curtis Harrison IV.

When they get their project off the ground,  the Sole Bros also plan to donate shoes to Cameroon and Ghana.

Boyd and Harrison are students at Seven Hills. Newman goes to Walnut Hills

Contact the Sole Bros at, instagram@theofficialsolebros and Facebook/Sole Bros INC,, or 513-253-5020.