ShotSpotter already coming in handy for Cincinnati police

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 18, 2017

CINCINNATI -- The city's new ShotSpotter system hasn't even been implemented for a full week yet, and police are seeing positive effects from the tool.

The system came in handy in a shooting that happened in Avondale Thursday night. Police are using it in the case.

ShotSpotter uses a network of microphones to identify the sound of gunshots and figure out where it came from within seconds.

Mayor John Cranley spoke about it Thursday.

"Just this week, we implemented ShotSpotter to help the police identify quicker when there is a shooting, how to get there, hopefully arrest a perpetrator and help the victims," he said

Police Chief Eliot Isaac is also excited about the new tool that has been showing its effectiveness.

"Using that technology with strategies ... that are place-based, strategies that are offender-based ... we can see the impact we're having on crime," he said.

Detectors will be placed over 3 square miles of the city. That includes 60 sensors in Avondale alone.

Mitch Morris with Cincinnati Works and other community leaders are hopeful the new tool will allow officers to respond to shootings more quicky, help victims, collect evidence and make arrests.

"I think it's great ... Anything we can do in our community and our city to help with gun violence is something very special to my heart," Morris said.

The coverage will eventually be expanded to Mount Auburn, Walnut Hills, Evanston and Corryville.