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Report: City wasn't following proper standards when electrical worker was killed

Posted at 5:55 PM, Jan 07, 2020

CINCINNATI — More than six months after 48-year-old LeRoy Garrison Jr. was killed on the job, a state report released shows the city of Cincinnati wasn't following proper standards at the time of the incident.

Garrison was working alone at the Hawaiian Terrace apartments when he came into contact with live wires and was electrocuted.

The report, released in December, shows 12 citations for alleged violations at the apartment complex.

"Being able to look through the report, identify what the administration is doing, or has already done to ensure this never happens again is obviously very important," said Greg Landsman, Cincinnati city council member.

The violations found included improper training, a lack of protective gear and persons unqualified to perform the task. Of the dozen citations, nearly all have already been addressed since the violations were identified.

"They looked at all the training, and realized that there could be more training, which is happening, that the equipment from gloves to the tools could be better insulated, so that's now in place," said Landsman.

The citations, which are required to have been posted at the job site where Garrison died, specifically mention violations that may have had an effect on the incident. One violation specifically said the lines were not de-energized or grounded, "nor were other protective measures provided before work was started."

Another citation found that Garrison was not provided with equipment or attire that should have protected him.

"The employer did not provide and require employees to use appropriate electrical protective equipment that included, but was not necessarily limited to: insulating sleeves; face shield and Flame Resistant or Arc-Rated clothing," the citation states.

Read the full list of citations below

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