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Ready for winter: Cincinnati adds 10 new snow plows to its fleet

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Posted at 6:42 AM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 11:31:30-04

CINCINNATI -- As colder weather hits and we're pushing back the clocks Sunday morning, cities and counties around the Tri-State are readying for snow.

Through the Capital Acceleration Program, Cincinnati's winter operations team has added 10 new dump trumps to help treat the 3,000 lane miles it is responsible for clearing. The new trucks can hold more liquid, which means fewer trips back to the barn to fill up and more time treating your streets.

"We have 81 per shift," said Jarrod Bolden, superintendent of traffic and road operations. "Eighty-one pieces of equipment and that's what we start off with at the beginning of the year. Depending on the severity of the storm you have things that go down. We run a 24-hour operation as long as the weather still needs us to be out there."

In early September, crews began practicing routes and reviewing components of the trucks – including proper snow plow operations and material application.

On Tuesday, city crews participated in a dry-run exercise designed to refresh and sharpen drivers’ skills at operating snow plows and the various tools that will be used for snow and ice control during a storm. This training included classroom instruction followed by a performance-based exercise with winter operations equipment.

Last year, Cincinnati launched a snow plow tracker portal through its Office of Performance & Data Analytics. The tracker is one of many digital dashboards accessible on CincyInsights website here and allows residents to view streets, in real-time, as they are treated during a winter event.

“Whether it’s a mild or heavy winter season, Cincinnati is prepared for whatever weather Mother Nature brings our way,” Mayor John Cranley said in a news release. “Our crews are the best in the business, going above and beyond to ensure snow and ice are removed in a safe and timely manner.”

When preparing for the winter season, crews train with the following criteria in mind:

  • Operate equipment effectively and safely in hazardous road conditions.
  • Comfortable navigation of snow routes to ensure all areas of the City receive consistent and reliable attention.
  • React to changing road conditions.
  • Ensure effective transfer of information throughout the course of a winter event.

“We have a variety of equipment – including loaders, brine trucks and pick-up trucks – available for use depending on the magnitude of the event,” explained Maraskeshia Smith, director of public services. “We use brine, beet juice, salt and other compounds to rebuff the winter elements. Keeping our residents safe and streets passable is our top priority.”

In addition to new equipment, the city has the following resources on hand at the beginning of this winter season, with the ability to always purchase more:

  • 81 pieces of winter operations equipment, including 10 brand new trucks
  • 4 salt domes, carrying a total of 26,000 tons of salt
  • 27,500 gallons of calcium chloride
  • 12,200 gallons of beet juice
  • 52,000 gallons of brine

Residents can visit the website here to view more information on the City of Cincinnati’s Winter Operations program.