Ray Tensing jury selection attracts short, peaceful protests

No security issues reported at courthouse
Posted at 1:08 AM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 01:09:01-04

CINCINNATI – Security was heightened outside the courthouse Monday but no problems were reported as Black Lives Matter and others protested during the jury selection for accused killer Ray Tensing.

"Say his name."

"Sam DuBose."

"What do we want?"


"Arrest, indict, send those killer cops to jail."

Protests remained peaceful and lasted only about an hour.

"We believe that without popular pressure the courthouse will just not bring justice," said Mario Martoni, a Black Lives Matter organizer from Prospect Hill.    

Brian Taylor, leader of  Black Lives Matter Cincinnati, says the broader "Countdown to Conviction Coalition" is organizing demonstrations this week during Tensing's trial.

The former University of Cincinnati police officer is facing murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in the 2015 shooting of DuBose during a traffic stop.

"We don't have the illusion that this will be brought about short of pressure," Taylor said.

The group was joined by Karen Dabdoub with the council on American Islamic Relations.

"Whether or not justice is achieved in this killing of Sam Dubose we don't know, but I believe that as citizens that we all have to be here," said Dabdoub.   "We all have to be present and stand up for justice."

While officers stood in groups at a distance, some people said they were offended by the manner of the   message. One of those was Queen Pass of Avondale.

 "For them to be out here saying, 'Burn him… ' He's got kids and people, too, and they got to understand that everybody was affected by this. You know what I'm saying? Both white, both black. Both families. You know what I'm saying? So people need to take in effect what both families are suffering," Pass said.

Pass, who says she grew up around DuBose and knew him, is calling for more prayer than protest. That is what we're expecting to see outside the courthouse Tuesday.

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