PHOTOS: CPD crime scene investigator explains evidence during Tensing trial

Posted at 3:17 PM, Nov 04, 2016

CINCINNATI -- A crime scene investigator identified evidence collected at the scene where Sam DuBose was shot during Day 4 of the Ray Tensing trial Friday. 

Jimmy Nghia Duc Pham, crime scene investigator for Cincinnati Police Department, presented the evidence he photographed and gathered. 

The following was recovered from the scene, according to Pham: 

  • A gin bottle filled with perfume was found in the street. 
  • A flashlight was found in the street. 
  • The red hat DuBose was wearing when he was shot was found in the backseat of his vehicle. 
  • A shell casing was recovered from the backseat of DuBose's car. 
  • The bullet was found inside the car's stereo system. (Pham said the stereo system was on the floor of the passenger side of DuBose's car, and when they went to empty the vehicle they dropped the stereo and it broke in half. The bullet was inside.) 
  • A jar with marijuana in it was found in a cell phone box behind the driver's seat. 
  • An orange Nike bag under the passenger's seat contained two bags of marijuana. 
  • A bag of marijuana was found in the center console, and DuBose had two bags of marijuana in his pockets. 

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