Young people march against violence amid rising homicides in Cincinnati

Posted at 12:51 PM, Jul 30, 2017

CINCINNATI -- Steven Sherman is tired of funerals and vigils.

Homicides are up 5 percent so far this year in Cincinnati, and 20 percent over the past month. Sherman and others want to reverse that trend and keep their communities safe.

They brought hundreds of people together for a peace march Saturday, raising their voices for change on the streets.

"We get tired of seeing the young pass," Sherman said. "We want the future to grow."

Marchers started at Findlay Park, chanting "Stop the shootings, stop the murders. See something, say something." They carried signs saying "Enough is enough" and "We wanna grow up."

Fathers were encouraged to bring their sons, and sons to bring their fathers. The goal was to give youth a voice in stopping the violence.

"I've heard stories about these kids getting killed for no reason," said Tyree Walker, one of the young people who took part.

Sherman said the community needs -- and wants -- these kinds of demonstrations.

"They need it, they want it, they love it. This is what we have to do to stop the violence," he said.

Community Outreach Advocates and the Faith Alliance organized Saturday's march.