Northside residents concerned as second pedestrian hit in a week

Speed, negligent driving concerns residents
Posted at 6:41 PM, Sep 17, 2016

CINCINNATI -- A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in Northside Friday while leaving a business, marking the second time a pedestrian has been hit in Northside in a week.

The pedestrian was hit near Hamilton and Palm Avenue, police said.
The incident follows the tragic death of Sarah Cole, owner and chef at Northside’s Tickle Pickle. Cole died in the hospital on Sept. 9 after she was hit by a car a day earlier while crossing Hamilton Avenue.

The avenue is a hub for local businesses, but residents said excessive speed and negligent drivers make them feel unsafe.

Maria Schular, of Northside, said the community should be an area where people feel safe enough to walk.

“It's a small community,” Schular said. “You're supposed to be able to traverse your community. The speed limit is 25 miles an hour -- no one goes 25 miles an hour."

Oliver Kroner, Northside Community Council President, is looking to improve safety for residents.

"[We’ve asked for] enhanced enforcement, improved signage for some time now,” Kroner said. “And it's unfortunate we need a tragedy to make that happen."

Leo D’cruz, a resident of Northside, said he has seen drivers fly down Hamilton Avenue.

"It's hard, and I think it puts an exclamation point --to say the least-- that traffic is an issue here.” D’cruz said.

In addition to residents believing speed is a factor, Schular said some drivers don’t follow traffic rules.

"Crosswalks that have lights -- we have these walking crosswalks and I have to stop and stare people down," Schular said.

Kroner said a change in the mentality of drivers may help improve the area’s safety.

"For a long time now-- we thought about roads as a way to get cars through as efficiently as possible, and when we look at northside community-- that's not what we're building here-- we're building a walkable neighborhood," Kroner said.

Northside community members are so concerned about speeding in the area that they will express their concerns Monday at the Northside Community Council meeting.