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‘Missing: Crosswalk Lines’: Northside families voice frustration over confusing crosswalk

Missing crosswalk lines
Posted at 11:21 PM, May 17, 2022

CINCINNATI — One sign shows the frustration of Northside homeowners loud and clear: "Missing: Crosswalk lines — Have you seen them? Last seen here, before road was repaved. White stripes. Loves when you yield to pedestrians. If found, please return! Our kids miss them very much."

The message is taped to a street sign at the intersection of Fergus Road and Pullan Avenue. That intersection has remnants of what once was a pedestrian crosswalk. A construction project last fall paved over those crosswalk lines.

“We walk here at least twice a day. Our kids go to Parker Woods Montessori just up the hill. One of the reasons we love the neighborhood is because it’s so walkable with our kids,” said Candace Caudill, a Northside mother of five. “And we can walk back and forth to school. It’s been a lot more difficult without the lines on the road.”

Caudill said she hasn’t seen a pedestrian accident at the intersection yet; however, she’s concerned the lack of crosswalk lines could add to danger — especially as students are walking to and from a nearby school.

“There’s remnants of what was there before. But you can’t see them as you’re driving. Especially as you have cars coming for pickup at school time. They line the edges of the road. It’s difficult to see children who are crossing the street,” she said.

Simone Balachandran also lives near the intersection and said an engineering study might be needed to assess if a crosswalk is warranted at the intersection.

“Neighborhood residents are important. They are experts on the ground. They live here. Know the conditions here. There always need to be a proper engineering analysis done,” Balachandran said. “It’s important to bring together the stakeholders to be able to make the best decision.”

That message made its way to Cincinnati city leaders after WCPO 9 News contacted transportation and engineering officials. Rocky Merz, director of communications with the City of Cincinnati, said the work was part of a Greater Cincinnati Waterworks project. He said the crosswalks will be restored by the end of the week.

Parents like Caudill said it’s a win for community safety.

“I hope that they proactively hear this message, and will put some new crosswalks down. I’d love to see the ones painted 3D style to get people’s attention," said Caudill. "There’s so many children who walk here on a regular basis. And a lot of them without adults as they get older. We want to support Northside being a walkable community."

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