North Avondale residents want you to slow down

Posted at 4:51 PM, Apr 24, 2019

CINCINNATI — North Avondale residents are frustrated with a spike in crashes and are taking action.

Councilman Greg Landsman, who has been working with the neighborhood on the issue, said there have been close to 150 crashes in North Avondale in the last five months, including six involving pedestrians.

The city installed additional lights to improve visibility in the area, and city engineers are planning to treat one particularly problematic intersection in order to slow down drivers.

"Everyone goes such a fast pace," North Avondale resident Jack Wolking said. "Our greatest concern has been trying to monitor that and keep it in check."

In the meantime, North Avondale resident Sarah Rich created more than 200 signs to get drivers to slow down, all with the help of $1,000 in donations from other community members. Wolking donated half the money.

"Could be very dangerous when you have children out, and dogs and people out," he said.

Rich said she was inspired after seeing a delivery truck going about 60 mph down her road a couple weeks ago.

"For me, that was really the last straw," she said. "To see someone not respecting a residential neighborhood really frustrated me."

But that wasn't the first issue Rich has had with drivers during her seven years in the neighborhood.

"I've almost been hit a couple of times turning into my driveway because people are in a hurry to pass," she said.

Landsman said there will be a pedestrian safety summit on May 21. He hopes ot build a citywide coalition.

"We could be doing more to make it more difficult to speed on these streets, but we don't have that kind of funding, so it's been a long time since we've invested in infrastructure," he said.